We are creating a place for exploring the potential of video games—for game innovation, education, and exhibition!


  • Large-scale exhibitions showcasing both contemporary and historical games
  • An experimental gallery inviting fresh perspectives and interactive installations

Talks + Workshops

  • Encouraging new dialogues between artists, designers, developers, academics, and players—approaching video games from every angle possible
  • Providing opportunities to learn game design and development at all skill levels
  • Examining 40 years of game history with expert-led surveys and postmortems
  • Free to watch worldwide: Most events will be live-streamed and archived online

Artist Residencies

  • Supporting creators from diverse backgrounds with their experimental game projects
  • Providing workspace, exhibition opportunities, a collaborative environment, and individual mentoring from leaders in art and technology
  • Freeing projects from the creativity-limiting constraints of commercial endeavors

Research Labs

  • Supporting the development of experimental game hardware projects
  • Preserving the past by providing access to a massive software and hardware collection including nearly every console ever created
  • Building an open-source library for a new kind of gameplay recording that includes player data (face-tracking, brain activity, button presses, etc)

Now Is The Time

Video games are capable of endless diversity and complexity in themes, structures, and emotional range—they have the ability to create impact like no other artform.

We are creating a place for exploring the radical possibilities of games, where people from diverse backgrounds can come together and collaborate on experimental projects.

The positive effects that will come from LA/GS go far beyond games. The exchanges, practices, and innovations that flourish here will reach out to touch the arts, design, technology, and all disciplines that thrive from interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration.

A Global Resource

LA/GS will be in Los Angeles, but it's a global initiative. We have structured the space and its activities so that everyone can take part no matter where you live.

Events Streamed and Archived Online

Events will be watchable online long after they happen and remote participation will be offered for some live-streaming workshops and presentations. We'll be posting everything possible online including documentation of exhibitions, the residency program, and lectures/workshops.

Open-Source Gameplay Data

Since video games are an active medium, it is not enough to archive the games themselves. Our labs will be recording video game playthroughs, along with useful metadata such as button presses, eye-tracking, and pulse-rate—and then archiving this data online for anyone to access. This work will be contributing to the public record of games and gameplay, and increasing our knowledge about games for the benefit of everyone.

Everyone Together

LA Game Space is open to you—no matter who you are.

Our exhibitions, talks, workshops, and other events will be open to all. Anyone can apply to our artist residency or to make use of our gallery, classroom, or research labs.

Current game makers, those who work independently, and those who work for large studios will have access to new concepts at talks and educational opportunities at workshops. They will have a physical space to exhibit their work to the public. Game research labs will provide further insight into their games during development. We will have residency opportunities and a speaking platform, where we can share ideas with our peers and the public.

Creators from other areas who are interested in games can attend beginner workshops, talks, and exhibitions to increase their game literacy. Artists of all types will be welcomed and encouraged to increase the cultural literacy of creators with more technical backgrounds and limited exposure to the arts.

Imagine inviting everyone together under one roof, and saying ”look to the past, imagine the future—no limits, no rules!“ Those conversations will spark the ideas that can change the direction of games. With the doors open wide enough, the Space could also help change who decides to get involved in game creation—or even how people who consider themselves non-gamers relate to playing games.

Get Involved

Be a part of creating a resource that will foster exciting, interesting game innovation, education, and exhibition for years to come. Your donations make it all possible.

  • World-class Exhibitions, Retrospectives, and Installations
  • Artist Residencies that Push Games in New Directions
  • Talks with Interdisciplinary Creators and Thinkers
  • Workshops for All Skill Levels
  • Free, Online Video Archives
  • Innovative Game Research
Space Constructors, Inc. (dba LA Game Space) is a tax-exempt public charity and any donations to the organization are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.